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About Us

Who we are

We are a small family based business that has been working in the Sun Peaks area for the last 13 years.  We keep it small so we can remain personally involved with every aspect of the job from start to finish.  While our focus is on house painting/staining and yard maintenance we do offer other services on request.

What we do

  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Exterior Staining
  • Weekly home checks
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Yard Maintenance

Where do we start

If you are interested in any of our services, please contact us.  We start every job by meeting the owner or taking a look at the potential job before we provide any quotes or advise.  Once we have committed to a job, there are no surprises, no up selling, and we are only done when you are satisfied with the work completed.  



Painting and Staining

Snow, wind, and sun all do damage to the exterior of your Sun Peaks home, deck, and exterior wood.  In order to protect your investment it is recommended that you apply a fresh coat of stain to the exterior every 3-5 years.  This may seem like big investment but protecting the exterior of your home not only ensures that it lasts for a long time, it minimizes damage to the wood, as well as it keeps a fresh, modern look to your house.

There really isn't a more economical home improvement project that will have as much of a visual impact as painting. Freshen up a room, repair any damage caused by vacation renters, or change the style and feel of your house with a new coat of paint.  

Painting and staining is the best way to keep your home looking new.  Consider repainting if you just moved into a new place, considering selling it, or want to keep it looking nice for your guests


Home Check

Maybe this is your second home, or maybe you are leaving for a well deserved vacation, have the peace of mind that someone is checking in on your home on a weekly basis.  We will check in on your home, provide an exterior walk around and then go inside to provide an interior inspection of your home.  After this is completed we will provide you with a filled checklist of what we found so you are always up to date on what is happening with your home.  

We can also provide cleaning services after owner departure and there are offer other services that we offer in order to have the house prepared and ready for your next visit.  This way you can pull up to the house and relax knowing that all of the details are taken care of. 


Carpet Cleaning


The carpet in your home is often taken for granted and forgotten.  You may not see it, but daily traffic leaves dirt and grime that can leave a lasting effect on your health as well as the condition of the carpet.  Vacuuming on a regular basis does help, but it does not always remove everything buried within the fibres of the carpet. Not having your carpets regularly cleaned can increase the allergens in your home as well as can lead to permanent damage to the carpet fibres.  Our cleaning service can help restore your carpets making them look and feel soft and fresh again.   

We use a high pressure portable steam extractor to accomplish this, as well as a Rotovac cleaning wand.  This wand contains 4 cleaning jets and vacuum nozzles that spin at over 250 r.p.m.  That is equivalent to 1000 passes over the fibres per minute.    

Please have any furniture and mats moved out of the way before our arrival and expect approximately 5 hours to fully dry.  


Yard Maintenance

No matter if you are looking to clean up the yard in the spring, require weekly yard maintenance, or you want to make the yard more decorative, we can help with that.  We can provide weekly lawn mowing, garden weeding, and other services


Window Cleaning

Even though this is not a focus of our provided services, we can provide window cleaning.  This is a very limited service provided only on special request.  Ask us to come take a look at your home and we will be honest with you if it is a job that we are able to take on.  



Sorry, we do not provide rental turn around cleans.   But we do offer owner departure cleans.  So If you are a home owner and after a weekend of skiing you and your family want to head home and not worry about cleaning up the house, we can take care of that for you so it is ready to go the next time you come up.  This service is not always available or sometimes is unable to work around your time table, but if we are free to do it, we will.  


The Ride To Conquer Cancer

We are a long time sponsor and participant of the BC Ride to Conquer Cancer bike ride.  This is a 250 km bike ride over 2 days that raises money for cancer research.  It is very close to our hearts, so even if we do not provide a service that you are interested in, please think about donating to this cause.   

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